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Responding to Threats

Debt Collection agencies will try anything to recovery their money from you, whether it is legal or illegal. If you have been receiving threats from your creditors over the phone, by letter or on your doorstep, you should take appropriate action and report it to the relevant authorities. In a court of law, this would be seen as harassment and in many instances with Debt Collectors, the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) have had to step in to keep an eye on things.

How do I respond to threats?

Most people find it difficult to respond to threats from Debt Collectors. They will try and instill fear into you so you will pay up. This is a bullying tactic and carries absolutely no weight at all. If they are persistently phoning you be strong and stand up to them. Let them know you will not be pushed around. Inform them that if the action continues you will take further action and report them to the Office of Fair Trading for bad practice.

What if they come to my home?

The scariest thought for anyone in debt is a Debt Collector coming to your home to try and repossess goods or belongings. The thought of hiding behind the sofa while the doorbell rings over and over is just simply to much for some people and they give in. This must not be tolerated under any circumstance as they have no right to gain entry into your property and retrieve goods without your permission. If you do answer the door make sure you do not sign any papers which they put in front of you. You may be signing over you rights.

If you receive a phone call from a creditor saying a Debt Collector will visit on a certain date, don’t be frightened. Simply tell them they have no right to do this and you will report them to the Office of Fair Trading. If you have already agreed to this not knowing, again, don’t panic. If they turn up simply tell them they have no rights to do this, the only way they can do this is with a court order.

Power of Debt Collectors

Unlike court appointed Bailiffs, Debt Collectors have no actual official powers. They are not allowed to harass you by letter, over the phone or on your doorstep without permission. The only time they can do this is if a court has appointed them with a court order to recover the debts. Again, this is why knowing your rights is very important as Debt Collectors will play on this.

Professional debt help

If dealing with Debt Collectors is simply to much for you contact the UK Debt Advisor free on 0800 987 5337 and we will help you deal with the situation.